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Submitted on
December 8, 2010
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An Angel's Mask

Hiding the tears,
Hiding the shame,
Hiding self loathing,
Hiding the pain,
Donning my mask
once again.  

Behind this mask so many emotions I feel,
Never again will I share them
and express how I feel,
Buried deep they will stay,
away from all that causes me pain.

Taking off this mask was a big mistake,
All it did was cause me more misery
and pain.
Trusting people, letting them in,
only caused me to be hurt again.
So from this moment on none will see,
all of this turmoil inside of me.

I will smile in your face,
and you won't know,
the depths of the tears,
that run from my soul. '

My laughter is the screams,
that echo in my mind.
My joy is the fear,
that lurks from behind.
The twinkling gleam you see in my eyes,
are really tears I try to hide.

Up and down my emotions glide,
but never will you see this;
it is hidden inside.
Never again will this mask come off
It is safer here in the dark,

An Angel smile is what you
shall see,
Happiness and joy I will spread
to thee,
I will be there to listen
and stand by your side,
Wiping away your tears
when you need to cry,
Opening my arms
when you need a hug,
Holding you tightly  
and showing much love,

I face the world
with my mask in place,
My head held high,
A smile on my face,
Never will you see what lies
inside of me.

Hiding the tears,
Hiding the shame,
Hiding self loathing,
Hiding the pain,
Hiding behind my mask
once again.
This is my first writing I have put up in a very long time.
It was actually a challenge from :icondanzi5:. I had to pick one of his pictures and put a poem to it. Unfortunately the one I picked wasn't on his gallery here on DA but on another site of his. Here is the link [link] I felt an immediate connection with this picture and new it was the one.

:icondanzi5: Here you go as promised. I hope you like.

As for my other reason behind this poem, well those close to me knows what it is for and what is behind the words.

DarlingAngel :heart:
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wow... truly amazing...
DarlingAngel0565 Oct 4, 2011  Professional Writer
Thank you very much :huggle:
canticum Jun 16, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
This brought tears to my eyes; part of me wishes this strategy worked worse than it does, so that this position would be untenable; another part of me wishes it worked better, so it did not subtly cause damage to the person wearing the mask, or even more subtle damage to those around the person from sheer proximity to pain.
DarlingAngel0565 Jun 16, 2011  Professional Writer
I am truly honored that this piece touched you so much:huggle:
I know that masks don't always work, because mine has cracked oh so many times.
It is a duel curse if you ask me.
I love this poem. I can very much relate to it, personally. Actually, it's exactly how I'm feeling right now, so this poem IS about me. Haha.

Anyways, great job!
DarlingAngel0565 Feb 10, 2011  Professional Writer
:iconsnuggleplz: I am so sorry to hear that.
I thank you for the compliment on the poem though, but i am sadden that you are forced to wear a mask. :tighthug:
forWinds Jan 19, 2011  Student Writer
Wonderfully written!
I wrote a poem on request from a friend that was very similar to this in theme. Here it is if you want to read it: [link]
DarlingAngel0565 Jan 19, 2011  Professional Writer
Thank you very much.
I went and read your poem.
It was similar.:heart:
I love the imagery and emotion you have created in this :heart: I can relate to it very well :nod: Beautiful writing :tighthug:
DarlingAngel0565 Jan 19, 2011  Professional Writer
Thank you very much:heart:
It is based on truth,
a piece created with much emotion and from the heart.
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